Channels are created by other Live Stryk users and are used for sharing news and opinions about trading with their followers. Channel owners and members can post their own content and share their open trade positions within the channel.

Where can I find Channels?

To find Channels, open the Stryk app, tap on the chat icon (middle icon on the bottom), and select the +CHANNELS option. You can then scroll through the list and see a short description of each channel.

Who can participate in Channels? 

As a Demo Stryk user, you can follow any channel and can read articles and comments of other users. If you have a Live Stryk account, you can participate by commenting on the posts that were posted on the channel.

How do I join a Channel?

To join a channel, tap on the following option under the Channel description.  

How do I start my own Channel?

To start your channel, you need to use a Live Stryk account for at least 3 months. Please note that the topic and the name should differ from any existing channel. If you are interested in creating a new channel, contact us at