Stryk community is a unique feature created to encourage users to come together, converse, share ideas and discuss trading. Whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner, having a community to connect, chat or share ideas with, can be a great source of inspiration.

What features do we offer:

Channels: Channels are created by other Live Stryk users and are used for sharing news and opinions about trading with their followers. Channel owners and members can post their own content and share their open trade positions within the channel.

Groups: Live Stryk traders and highly active Demo Stryk traders can create a Group and add up to 100 Stryk friends to it. Within Groups, all participants can chat with each other and share their open positions with other participants. (Details such as direction, multiplier and the result of each open position are visible as well as the relative amount invested in it.)

Battles: This is a short-term trading competition for a small group of Stryk users. You can create a Battle yourself or join a battle created by somebody else. You can choose between two types of battles: 2 or 5 days. Note that weekend days are not counted. You can only be in 5 battles at the same time.

Join us and start connecting with the Stryk community!

Need more information? Contact our community manager via email at