Want to test your trading skills? 


Then go ahead and create a Battle for your friends or randoms. 


The person with the highest return on their investment wins! 


How it works


  • Once you create a Battle, other Strykers can join in. 
  • Every Battle has a time slot of one hour during which you can join or leave (indicated by a green line). 
  • But once a Battle has started, you cannot leave until the very end. 
  • You can also choose a time frame for your Battle. The weekend doesn't count. 


Go here to learn how the return in the Battle is calculated.


Tip: You can join up to 5 Battles at the same time.  

How can I create a battle?

To create a battle, open the Stryk app, tap on the chat icon (middle icon on the bottom tab) and select the BATTLES option (top right corner). At the bottom of the page, you will see an option to create a battle. Once you select this option you will have to name the battle, select the duration (2 or 5 days), and set the visibility of the battle. 

Who can join the battle: International (any user from any country), Country (any user residing in the same country as you), Friends (any user from your friend list).

You can invite your existing Stryk friends to the battle by tapping on the ADD FRIENDS. 

Good luck!